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Our Quarterly Church Conference for the third quarter of 2014 will be held Thurday July 24 at 7:00 PM. All church members are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

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Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church
Statesboro, Georgia

Elder Randy Waters, Pastor

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Greetings friends! Welcome to the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church!

In Romans 16, St. Paul uses the words “greet” or “greets” 20 times. Obviously, he wanted the Christians to be open to one another in a spirit of love and concern. With just such an attitude in our minds and hearts, we warmly greet you and welcome you to our church web site.

While you visit our web site, may your spiritual strength be renewed, a positive outlook on life encouraged, and most of all, may God, who gives the peace that passes our understanding, grant you a calmness and assurance. Blessings, friends!

We invite you to worship with us at our church whenever you can. You are always welcome.

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Worship Services

Sunday Services:
     Early Service - 8:30 AM
     Bible Study - 9:45 AM
     Morning Service - 11:00 AM
     Evening Service - 6:30 PM

Wednesday Night:
     Bible Study - 6:30 PM

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Audio Sermons

A recording of the sermon for each Sunday service is available on CD. The sermon audio recordings are also available on our website.

(Please note: You must have the Real Player program installed to hear the audio sermons. If you do not have Real Player installed, it is available as a free download.)

| Recent sermons |

| Elder Randy Waters' past sermons |

| Elder Scott Riner's past sermons |

Elder Randy Randy preached a five part series of sermons, "Wilderness Attitudes" on October 27 through November 24, 2013. The negative attitudes and the positive attitudes which should replace them were:

   1    Oct.  27     Complaining (AM)       Thanking (PM)

   2    Nov.   3     Covetousness (AM)    Contentment (AM)

   3    Nov. 10     Criticism (AM)              Love (PM)

   4    Nov. 17     Doubt (AM)                   Faith (AM)

   5    Nov. 27     Rebellion (AM)             Submission (PM)

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Church Conference

Our Third Quarter Church Conference will be held on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM. All members of the church are encouraged to attend.

Elder Bill Durrence's Website

Brother Bill Durrence has a new website, Light From God's Word. Many of the things he has written over the years are available to everyone, worldwide on the site. He plans to add items to the site in the future. You can visit the website at
| Click Here | to visit the Website.

Church Youth Website

Check out our Church Youth Website at
| Click Here | to visit the Youth Website.


The next meeting of the Men's Brotherhood will be on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the T. Roe Scott classroom. All men of the church are encouraged to attend. Men friends of the church are invited.

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Web Site Updates

The Home Page (this page) was updated on July 21.

The Pastor's Page was updated on July 1. A new message "Between A Rock And A Hard Place" was placed on the “From The Pastor's Desk” section.
| Click Here | to view the message.

The Links Page was updated on July 1.
| Click Here | to view the 'Links To Other Religious Web Sites' Page.

The Bible Study Section gives access to Wednesday night Bible Study lesson audio only, and to Bible study lesson audio and lesson slides together. Outlines of the Book of Revelation, and lessons for Revelation Chapters 1 - 12 are available.
| Click Here | to go to the 'Bible Study Lessons' Page Section.

The Sermons Page was updated on July 21

Sermons for March and April have been added to the 'Play Recent Sermons' Section.
| Click Here | to go to the 'Play Recent Sermons' Section.

The 2014 Easter Sunrise Sermon has been added to the 'Special Sermons' Section
| Click Here | to go to the 'Special Sermons' Section.

Sermons for the 2014 Spring Meeting have been added. They may be found by selecting the "Sermons" Page, then select the "Spring & Fall Meetings" Page, then select the "2014 Fall Meeting Sermons" Page.
| Click Here | to view the '2014 Fall Meeting Sermons' Page.

The Church Calendar Page was updated on March 29 for April.
| Click Here | to view the 'Calendar' Page.

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Song: Majesty

Your questions or input and comments on how to enhance our web site efforts will be welcome and appreciated.

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